Cabin Fever

As the summer starts to fade and the golden glows of Autumn start to creep in, we pack our bags and depart on a weekend getaway into the woods. In anticipation of the upcoming season, we give you cabin fever: an intimate story inspired by bronzy hues and warm mahogany textures, featuring new key designs including the modern aviator Keith and the bigger version of our classic Pierce.

Keith | Satin Silver

Keith is a close relation of Neil, with the same stripped-back appeal. A contemporary simplicity. Impact top bar brings new meaning to highbrow.

Dit model is beschikbaar tot een maximale sterkte van - of + 6.00

Pierce Large | Tiger Wood

Ace & Tate’s signature Pierce, scaled up. A cutting-edge, sophisticated style, gently rounded with a trimmed-down top. Expanded proportions will flatter all face shapes.

campaign photography by Jeroen Mantel
styling by Thomas Vermeer
still life photography by Elmer Driessen