We know how important it is to be able to change your look at anytime you want. We want to provide you with the possibility to match your frames with every occasion and all of your favourite styles. So therefore, we design quality frames at a fair price, which allows you to continuously update your eyewear.

we are down to earth

Ever wondered why other designer glasses cost a small fortune? The answer is remarkably evident; you’re paying too many people. We like to keep it simple. We’re not letting you pay for expensive license holders and retailers. You only want the high-quality design and manufacturing anyway.

Our Story 2

the traditional way

Our Story - The traditional way

the Ace & Tate way

Our Story - The Ace & Tate way

we value quality

we produce future classics with a contemporary twist.

We believe strong design and high quality can go hand in hand with fair prices. Our Amsterdam-based design team produce future classics, not short term thrills. Craftsmanship is just as important as our long-lasting designs. Quality materials are central to everything we do – so much so, that we’ve named the company after the cellulose acetate from which a majority of our frames are formed: a traditional material that is strong, lightweight and lasting. It’s crucial to us that each phase in the construction and development of your eyewear is personalised, flawless, and conducted with the sharpest eye for detail.

we take things seriously

We believe that good design isn’t just about looking good, it’s about seeing clearly too. Don’t worry about choosing the right extras and coatings amongst the large variety that opticians like to scare you with: we did that research for you. The specialists from our renowned laboratory selected the perfect synthetic glass, provided with all the coatings you need. We use the same high-quality glasses for all of our frames, so no pricey surprises afterwards.

anti-reflective coating

We use multiple anti-reflective coatings to make sure you have the best possible vision through your pair of optical glasses. Plus, it’s nice that people can take a good look into your eyes as well.


All glasses-wearers are familiar with the vague, permanent mist that descends when the lenses scratch. It’s a depressing prospect, so we’ve designed an Ace & Tate lens with anti-scratch coating which gives clarity of vision – even for those of you who, like us, wear your glasses all day, every day.

ultraviolet (UV) protection

To protect your eyes from sun damage we provide all of our sun and optical glasses with UV shield, giving added day-long protection to the delicate eye area.

Ace & Tate Creative Fund

Creative Fund

Did you know that with every pair of frames you purchase from us, you help a creative realise a self-initiated project?

The Ace & Tate Creative Fund grants funding to emerging artists in order to bring brilliant ideas to life. It supports individuals or collectives working anywhere, in any medium, who take creative risks to break new ground.

Get the full story of the Ace & Tate Creative Fund here.

black is the new green

Our Black Is The New Green collection is made of a 100% bio-degradable acetate. 70% of its compounds are from natural sources. The material is a combination of acetic acid and cellulose, one of the most widely spread organic compounds in nature found in cotton and wood pulp fibers.